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Patrick McCarthy added 2 new photos — with Chris Traish.

I just finished reading one of the most informative books I’ve read in a long time … “An Overview of Martial Arts,” by Chris Traish Leigh Olsson. Although it was written 25-years ago, and could probably be packaged more professionally, I was so impressed with his remarkable understanding of the art of self-defence and wanted to complement him for writing it.
I had the opportunity of meeting and working with Chris recently in Bathurst, NSW, just before departing to the USA/CDN in early September and was equally impressed with his hands-on skills [Kendo, Karate, Arnis, BJJ, Taiji, Weapons, MMA-style competitive fighting and coaching] too, and think he’s the complete package.
Any NSW subscribers on my list living near this instructor … get yourselves over to see him ASAP