Photo Gallery

2018 May Sam Ultra Trail 50 k Run

2018 May 8 Grant v Mohammed Abu Naim

2018 april 7 Grant v David Morley

2018 April 7 Bill v Jarret Wilbraham

2018 BMMAC Team Spartan Race team


2018 Feb Lisa , Keitah and Maddy at Gracie Barra Womens training

2018 Feb 17 Bill v Adam

2018 Feb 17 Grant v Junior Mo

2018 Feb Jui Jitsu federation

2018 Jan 24 GB Shellharbour


2017 Dec GB Caringbah end of year seminar

2017 Dec Chris award for Loyalty to Gracie Barra

2017 Nov Bill wins WRFN Belt

2017 Oct ISKA World Champions Dale Thornberry Sam Traish x 2 Grant Brechney and James De Caux

2017 Oct ISKA World Champion Derek Lam

2017 ISKA World Champion Mathew Sayers

2017 ISKA World Champion Lenin Sargison

2017 Aug Grant wins UFN Belt

2017 July Draculina Seminar

2017 May Grant wins East Coast Champion Belt at WRFN

2017 Sub only Comp

2017 Sub only comp

2017 July Bernard Trekko Seminar MMA BJJ Leura Dojo

2017 Chris running Seminar for Rod Thornberry in Perthville

2016 Martial Arts Brainstorming with Andrew Melito Grant Brechney Scott Brown Don Miller and Phil Hinshelwood

2016 Gb Compnet competeing with Jo Thomson

2016 Chris Daughter Renee Grand Daughter Hanah with Lucio Rodrigues

2016 ISKA comp

2016 Chris running Seminar at ATT MMA Mitt work


2016 Nov 24 Richard Sargent Seminar Leura Dojo


2016 Chris & Grant with Victa Estima

2016 Victa Estima Seminar at GB Sydney with Blak Belts

2016 Seminar with Patrick McCarthey in Bathurst

2016 Sam winning his first Cage fight

2016 Oct Mario Sperry Seminar with James Te Huna and Tyson Pedro

2016 Kit Dale seminar Leura Dojo

2015 Olaf Lotze – Leoni Seminar Arnis Leura Dojo

2015 Sam and Liam win ISKA Awards

2015 Paul wins NSW Title in the Cage

2015 GB Shellharbour Opening

2015 Chris 2nd Degree Black Belt chris’s Student Mark Trompp Black belt with Kayron Gracie and Gregor Gracie

2015 met Jorge Pereira

2015 Roger Gracie Seminar at GB Sydney

2015 Andre Galvao Seminar

2014 Seminar Tusa and Marco Joka at GB Sydney

2014 Chris and Sam with Tusa and Marko Joka

2014 Chris at age 60 competes with Kit Dale NSW Champs

2014 Training with Thiago Braga

2014 20 Black Belts on mats at GB Sydney

2013 Phil Hinshelwoods 60th Birthday Training Day at Katoomba

2013 Traish Family Competing

2013 Hiroshi Hisataka Seminar Leura Dojo

2013 Thelmo Naranjo visit Leura Dojo

2013 Chris 1st Degree Black belt and Bruno Fernades Seminar

2013 Met Mark Hunt at GB Sydney

2013 GB Crows Nest opening

2013 GB Ryde Opening

2012 Royce Gracie Seminar at Luke Bestons Gym

2012 Rodgrigo Gracie Seminar with Son Paul and Grandson Caleb

2012 Seminar BJJ and MMA in Mudgee for Geoff Spice

2012 GB Newcastle Opening

2012 Eddie Bravo Seminar Liverpool

2012 Chris running MMA Seminar GB Newcastle for Guga

2012 Bruno Alves visit Leura Dojo

2012 Chris & Fred at Shark Park with Chris Sharks jerseys

2012 Chris with Ben Pomeroy at Shark park

2012 3 generations Chris Son Paul Grandson Caleb compete NSW Champs

2011 Luke Beston Visit Leura Dojo for 2 days

2011 Chris running seminar for Ryan Henry in Duneden

2011 Chris & Sam running seminar for Pina Simpson in New Plymoth

2011 Chris & Sam with Flavio Almeida & Marcelo

2011 GB The Entrance Opening

2011 GB Black belt Grading

2010 GB Sydney opening

2010 Blue Mountains Juniors Medals

2009 Royler Gracie Seminar

2009 GB Blacktown Opening

2009 Chris Grades to Black belt

2008 GB Newcastle Open Jamie Ballard

2007 Chris presenting Rigan Machado with his book

2007 Guga & Karen visit leura Dojo

2006 Chris Competed with Rodney Ellis n BJJ

2006 met Tony Bonello

2005 Chris Smith chris Traish first student to fight MMA

2005 Andrew Melito Seminar Leura Dojo

2004 Royler Gracie Seminar Sydney

2003 Chris & Fabio Glazer become first qualified BJJ Refs in NSW

2003 Guga Pinto Arrives in Australia

2002 Chris running Seminar for Ian Pollet in Orange

2002 Royce Gracie 1st Seminar in Australia

2002 Bruno Fernandes Seminar Leura Dojo

2001 Tutomu Sato visit Leura Dojo


2001 Pan Pacs with Marcelo

2001 1st ISKA Comp under Marcelo

2001 Chris Wrestling Radael Correa ( Gordinho ) at Leura Dojo

2001 Gordinho Seminar Leura Dojo

2001 Anthony Lange visiting Leura Dojo

2001 Anthony Perosh visiting Leura Dojo

2001 Elvis Sinosic Visiting Leura Dojo

2001 Adam Kahoon teaching BJJ at Leura Dojo

2001 Bruno Arrived a couple of months after Marcel & Paulo with Chris being the only one to have wrestled all 3 plus John Will & Peter de Been


2001 Paulo Seminar leura Dojo

2001 Marcelo Moves to Australia and becomes chris’s teacher in BJJ

2000 Peter de Been Seminar at Leura Dojo with Chris De Weaver

2000 Chris Doing Shrugs

1997 Chris with Jean Jaque Machado , Richard Norton and John Will

1995 Wal Missingham Seminar Leura Dojo

1995 Tee of from Cliff above Leura Property

1995 Frozen swimming pool now Cage area

1994 Pat McKean vist Leura Dojo

1994 Chris & leigh demonstating Machetes for Hisataka t Leura Dojo

1994 Esanda City kendo club visit Leura Dojo

1994 Chris at the World Koshiki Championships in Japan making the final 8 in Sparring and giving a Lecture and a Demo

1994 Chris Lecturing on Martial Arts to over 100 Black belts from 20 countries

1994 Australian Koshiki Team

1994 Published Book by Chris Traish and Leigh Olsson

1993 Chris & Leigh weight training

1993 Roller Hockey

1993 Visit by Swedish Students to train Arnis for 1 week

1993 3 Swedish guys stay for 1 week Leura Dojo

1992 Australian Knife Fighting Championships

1992 Hisataka Seminar Leura Dojo

1992 Chris NSW Koshiki Champion

1992 Australian Koshiki Team Training at Leura Dojo


1991 World Arnis Championship 1 st 2nd 2 x 3rd

1991 Australian Team under coach Chris

1990 Michael payne Chris Kendo Teacher

1990 Jeff traish Arjuken Karate Class

1990 Grand Master seminar at Leura Dojo

1990 Chris Training with remy Presas

1990 Arnis Seminar in South Australia

1990 with nino Pilla in South Australia

1990 Chris with Tino Ceberano

1990 Chris Visit tino Ceberano Dojo Melbourne

1990 Chris Kick Boxing Match

1990 Chris & Leigh kickboxing

1990 Brian Hayes & Chalene Machim visit Leura Dojo for Arnis Training

1990 Australian Arnis Championships in Katoomba over 100 Competitors

1990 Demo Australian Kung Fu Championships

1989 Masayuki Kukan Hisataka Seminar leura Dojo

1989 Champions with Grand Masters of Arnis

1989 Chris with grand Master Canete

1989 World Arnis Sparring Champ from Canada Edwin Loa

1989 Chris 2nd in Sparring and Forms at the first World Arnis Championships

1988 Deb Kata Comp Campbelltown

1988 West Australian Kendo team visit Leura Dojo for 1 week

1988 Training Kendo with Ron Bennett

1988 Chris & Leigh Demo Leura Fair

1988 Chris Wedding with Deb

1987 Opening Full Time Dojo Leura

1987 Building Dogo entry and Flooded creek

1986 Chris with Ron Bennett Kendo Teacher

1986 Chris cut stomach 40 stich’s

1986 Grand Master visit Leura Dojo for 1 month

1986 Photo with Ed Parker & Grand Master at ISKA Comp

1985 Chan Chuck fei Visit Leura Dojo

1985 My Friend Carol LeGalle & Chan Chuck Fei

1983 First Arjuken Karate Camp Leura Dojo

1983 Grand Master Ernesto Presas Willie Madla & Leonard Trigg Visit Leura Dojo

1983 Fumio Demura visit Leura Dojo

1982 First Dojo built by Chris in 1980

1981 Grand Master ernesto Presas & Willie Madla visit Leura Dojo

1980 Chris Leura was Bench pressing 270 lbs

1980 Chris Leura

1979 Chris & Brother Jeff Demo Arnis at the Opera House

1978 Chris with World Karate Champion Vic Charles

1977 Chris Doing Yoga with Kerry & Renee

1975 Chris First School the Masonic Hall Cronulla

1975 Chris Seminar with Frank Novak & Tino Ceberano

1973 Chris Started Sikaran Karate under Albert Urbiztondo

1972 Chris playing Rugby League with Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Jersey Flegg team – Middle Row last on the right

1958 Chris boxing with Brother Peter

1954 Chris Born to Jack & Margaret Traish

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