2016 European: sign up before full capacity is reached; watch Galvão vs. Erberth in 2015

The 2016 European championship is less than a month away. The registration deadline ends even earlier, on January 11, so you have to hurry and sign up before full capacity is reached. Don’t miss out and secure your spot in the first major event of 2016, next January 20-24, in Lisbon, Portugal. Click here for more…

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Watch Faria vs. Trans in 2015; register today for the 2016 Pan and pay the lowest price

You might think that the 2016 Pan is still months away and you’re right, but one deadline is already upon us. If you register until this Tuesday, December 22, you will be able to pay the lowest registration fee possible. The first price change takes place this Wednesday, so you better hurry and do it…

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