Dillon Danis

Garry Tonon on Dillon Danis rivalry; “more than happy” to fight him in MMA or BJJ

Tensions are high between Marcelinho Garcia’s pupils and the Danaher Death Squad. The rivalry, which has been going on for a while online, reached critical status last weekend as the ADCC’s North American trials took place. After Mansher “Munch” Khera beat Oliver Taza in a final, Gordon Ryan, a teammate of Taza’s, went to greet…

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Dillon Danis double gold at Pan No-Gi 2016; Alliance wins overall men’s title

Dillon Danis was the big winner at the Pan No-Gi, held last Saturday at the Nat Holman Gym (CCNY), in New York. Dillon beat the medium heavyweight field and then the open as he closed out the final with his Alliance teammate Jon Satava. At medium heavyweight, Dillon subbed Gottrell W King Jr. (Gracie Barra)…

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