Dimitrius Souza

Erberth Santos and the foot lock that won the Floripa International Open

Erberth Santos again got to the top of the podium. At the Floripa Open, held by the IBJJF last month in Florianopolis, Brazil, the Almeida JJ athlete faced Dimitrius Souza (Alliance) in the final of the absolute division. After containing Dimitrius’s lunges, getting up and working on top, Santos opted to bring the match into…

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The armbar used to secure Dimitrius Souza’s absolute gold at the No-Gi Brazilian Nationals

After a stellar 2015 performance, Dimitrius Souza came back with the same thirst to fight in the CBJJ’s No-Gi Brazilian Nationals this year. In the absolute final, the Alliance fighter faced young black-belt Max Gimenis (GFTeam). Souza worked effectively, slid to the back and finished on the arm. Enjoy the full fight in the video.

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