The best of 2015: what can you learn from this year’s most successful competitors

Bernardo Faria, Dominyka Obelenyte, Felipe Pena and Mackenzie Dern finished the year of 2015 as the standouts of the competition circuit. Faria and Obelenyte shined at the 2015 Worlds with double-gold campaign after strong performances that allowed little chance for their opponents in each of their matches. Pena and Mackenzie were the main names at…

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10 reasons to ditch laziness and work harder on your Jiu-Jitsu in 2016

Another year is over, so it’s time to set new goals for the next period. Maybe you weren’t as dedicated as you should be in the past 365 days, so we put together 10 reasons why you should put your act together and give the gentle art that special effort. The benefits will be overwhelmingly…

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