2015 Worlds: 278 black belts made the 50 Pts cut, see who’s in or out and register now

As the last black belt matches of the 2015 Las Vegas Spring Open and the Zurich Open came to a close this weekend, it was possible to know how many black belts made the cut to compete at the 2015 Worlds. After all the points were counted, the IBJJF ranking showed that 278 athletes (male […]

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Worlds: decide who is the best featherweight of all times and register to compete in 2015

The featherweight division at the World Jiu-Jitsu championship is traditionally one of the most difficult to be conquered. Despite that, since 1996, three amazing competitors accomplished a feat that seems unthinkable, they won the featherweight division at the Worlds four times each. Who was the greatest of the three? Watch some of their finest moments […]

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