Xande Ribeiro

See how Felipe Preguiça beat Xande Ribeiro at the Grand Slam in Rio

In the most awaited duel of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam’s Rio de Janeiro leg, Felipe “Preguiça” Pena and Xande Ribeiro put on a great show doing the 94kg final. In the match fought last Saturday at the Olympic Arena, Xande started out better as he swept and used pressure in attempting a pass. But…

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BJJ Library Challenge: six black belts competing for a chance to fight Xande Ribeiro

The BJJ Library Challenge is a web-reality show where six black belts train together with Saulo Ribeiro and then fight each other.The winner gets a cash prize and a chance to fight two-time open class world champion, Xande Ribeiro.Watch the first episo…

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