Club History

Chris is married to Deb who also helps teaching , Chris has 7 children Renee , Kathryn , Paul , John , Jason , Natasha , and Sam and also has  14 Grand children Renee  > Nathan , Hannah , Jacob & Rachel , Kathryn & Jeramy > Charlotte , Jazmin , Jenna & Isacc , Paul & Amanda Boyd > Caleb Connor  Cohen Caiden & Charlie and Chloe



He has been practicing Martial Arts for over 44 years and has been training Physically ( Weights and Fitness ) for 52 years

The Blue Mountains Martial Arts Centre was created in 1981 , when Sensei Chris Traish moved to the Blue Mountains after teaching Martial Arts in Sydney . He originally started his classes in the Lawson Community Hall and the Katoomba Masonic Hall . In 1986 he and his students decided to build their own full time training Centre and with the help of the community it was finished in 13 weeks . The full time training Centre at Leura is now the best equipped Martial Arts Centre in Australia and people have traveled from all over the world to train there. Since its beginning the BMMAC has produced 10 World Champions and 5 Cage fighting Titles , numerous Australian & State Champions and over 100 Black Belt Students

Chris has competed at the World Arnis Championships , The World Koshiki Karate Championships , The Australian Kendo Championships , The Pan Pacific Brazilian Jui Jitsu Championships , The Australian W.E.K.A.F full contact stick fighting Championships , The Australian Weapons Championships & Fought in the Ring Kick Boxing

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Chris & Leigh started BJJ in 1994 after watching Royce Gracie in the UFC they originally learnt from Videos. Until 1995one of Chris’s Arnis students Steve Meakes  who was training with Anthony Lange started teaching them on Weekends. Chris then attended a Seminar by Jean Jaque Machado, John Wills & Richard Norton in June 1996. Chris then attended a Seminar by Peter De Been in August 1997 at Bowral organized by Mark Carey. Chris then affiliated with Peter De Been and brought Peter to Leura in January 2000 for a 4 day seminar. Chris & his students competed at the Pan Pacific Championships from 1998 onwards. Then in February 2001 Paulo Guimaraes came to Leura for a 2 day seminar organized by Chris De Weaver. Then on 25th March 2001 Marcelo Rezende a Carlos Gracie Jnr  Black Belt came to our Leura Dojo and we finally had a full time teacher on that first afternoon Chris wrestled with Marcelo for over an hour and then asked him if he could come every week and thankfully he agreed the rest is history . 2001 World Champion Rafael Correa ( Gordinho ) ran a Seminar at our Leura Dojo .2002 World Champion Bruno Fernandes ran a seminar at our Leura Dojo . 2002 Chris attended the Royce Gracie Seminar in Sydney . 2004 Chris attended the Royler Gracie in Sydney . Chris & Leigh attended the Royce Gracie Seminer in Sydney . Chris received his black belt from Marcelo in 2009 . Chris received his first Degree on his Black Belt from Marcelo Rezende and Bruno Fernandes in August 2013 and his 2nd Degree Black Belt from Marcelo Rezende in 2015 and in 2017 Chris received a 15 year loyalty award to Gracie Barra from Marcelo Rezende  .


1978 Chris originally learnt Arnis from his brother Jeff after he returned from the Philippines 1979 Chris & his Brother Jeff demonstrated Arnis at the Sydney Opera House .1981 Grand Master Ernesto Presas Toured Australia with Master Willie Madla. 1983 Grand Master Ernesto Presas Toured Australia with Master Leonard Trigg & Master Willie Madla. 1986 Grand Master Ernesto Presas Toured Australia with Master Christino Vasquez & Master Pepe Yap. It was during this tour when Chris was cut accidentally during a Demo with a sword as Grand Master was cutting a water Melon of Chris’s stomach leaving him with 40 Stich’s . 1989 Chris Competed at the 1st World Arnis Championships placing 2nd in Forms & 2nd in Full contact sparring. 1990 Master Ernesto Presas Toured Australia with Master Christino Vasquez , Master Pepe Yap , Master Renee Tongson , Master Quirino Austria & Master Lawrence Hollanday . 1990 Chris trained with Grand Master Remy Presas. 1991 Chris Competed at the 2nd World Arnis Championships placing  2nd in Full contact Sparring losing to his own Student World Champion Jeff Allen at that championships . Chris ‘s Students Mark Ahern World Champion won the Forms Championship & Sarah Hegemans World Champion won the Women’s Forms Championship and Chris Traish was the Head Referee . During all these Tours Grand Master Ernesto Presas was based at our Leura Dojo. Chris continues to teach Arnis and has Graded 87 Australian Arnis Black Belts.


Chris began training in Sikaran Karate under Albert Urbiztondo in 1973 he originally was training 4 hours a day 7 days a week and was graded by Albert to Black belt 19/10/1976 . 1974 Competed in his first FAKO Tournament his first match was with Kyokushin Legend Nick Kujik . 1975 Started his first school at Cronulla and represented Albert at FAKO meetings were he met such Martail Artists as Frank Nowak , John Taylor , Peter Wolfe , John Newman , Paul Starling and Richard Bradford  . Chris then joined Richard Bradford’s Goshin Ryu Karate where he ran the Goshin Ryu Full time Live in Instructors Course and teaching many of his black belts their Senior Katas. 1981 Opened his full time Blue Mountains Dojo .1981 Demonstrated Karate at the Sydney Opera House . Chris then joined his brother in Promoting Arjuken Karate. 1989 Chris was the NSW Full contact Karate Champion. 1994 He toured Japan where he fought at the World Full Contact Karate Championships finishing in the final 8 and also presented a lecture on Martial Arts to over 100 Black Belts and Karate Masters from all over the World and Masayuki Kukan Hisataka Graded Chris to 6th Dan Black Belt in Koshiki Karate. At one stage Chris & Leigh were practicing 86 Katas from Karate Arnis Kendo Weapons etc .


Chris started training in Kendo under Grand Master Ernesto Presas and Steven Yip , he then started training at the Willoughby Kendo Dojo in Sydney where he met Ron Bennett & Michael Payne. Michael started a class at Minchinbury where Chris & Steve Yip train each week , Chris then asked Michael to come and teach at his Leura Dojo when he could no longer make the trip Don Miller took over .In 1986 the West  Australian Kendo team stayed and trained at our Leura Dojo training under Ron Bennett . Chris fought in the 1986 Australian Kendo Championships . 1994 Esanda City Kendo Club visited our Leura Dojo .1988 Chris attended a Kendo seminar were he got to spar with an 8th Dan Kendo Master he was fantastic .

1972 Chris Playing Rugby League for Gymea

1980 Early Dojo Brown Building now weights and Kitchen

1994 Chris No 15 Playing Golden Oldies for Katoomba

1987  Chris Kickboxing

1989  Chris in Finals World Arnis Championships in The Phillipines

1986 Training with Grand Master Ernesto Presas at Leura Dojo

1994 Chris Lecturing on Martial Arts in Japan

 1994 Chris Demonstrating Arnis in Japan

2001 Chris wrestling Marcelo Rezende

2002 Chris Wrestling World Champion Bruno Fernandes

Chris Practicing Tai Chi


Sensei Traish is the Australian President & Chief Instructor of Modern   Arnis and was ( 1994 ) the highest graded Black Belt of Modern Arnis in the world outside of the Philippines .He was the Head Referee at the 1991 World Arnis Championships held in the Philippines

He also Holds a –

6th Degree Black Belt in ARNIS

5th Degree Black Belt in Arjuken Karate

6th Dan Koshiki Karate (Presented by Hisataka 9th Dan )

1st Degree Black Belt in Philipine Jiu Jitsu

1st Degree Black Belt in Kendo

2nd Degree Black Belt Filipino Weapons

2nd Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Gracie Barra

Tai Chi Instructor Yit Man Lee

Level 2 Government Accredited Coach

He is also Co – Author of the Book “An Overview of Martial Arts ” with Leigh Olsson






International Philippine Martial Arts Federation –under Grand Master Ernesto Presas 10th Dan

World Koshiki Karate Do Federation – Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 9th Dan

International Modern Arnis Association – under Grand Master Ernesto Presas 10th Dan

International Modern Mano Mano Association– under Grand Master Ernesto Presas 10th Dan

The Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – under Carlos Gracie Jnr

Australian Kung Fu Wushu Federation Walt Missingham President

Martial Arts Industry Association – Walt Missingham President

The Australian Jujitsu Federation – President Roger Quick

Book by Chris Traish and Leigh Olsson

Review on Facebook by Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy added 2 new photos — with Chris Traish.

I just finished reading one of the most informative books I’ve read in a long time … “An Overview of Martial Arts,” by Chris Traish Leigh Olsson. Although it was written 25-years ago, and could probably be packaged more professionally, I was so impressed with his remarkable understanding of the art of self-defence and wanted to complement him for writing it.
I had the opportunity of meeting and working with Chris recently in Bathurst, NSW, just before departing to the USA/CDN in early September and was equally impressed with his hands-on skills [Kendo, Karate, Arnis, BJJ, Taiji, Weapons, MMA-style competitive fighting and coaching] too, and think he’s the complete package.
Any NSW subscribers on my list living near this instructor … get yourselves over to see him ASAP

Please click on link to download free copy of Book may take some time to download








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This Table follows year by year Chris Traish and the Blue Mountains Martial Arts Centre’s Martial Arts History

AgeDayMonthYearEventNameWhereStyleBy MeAttendWin LossHowPromotion347Month1
6420May2018Richard Dawkins LectureChris Grant Brad Caleb Andrew MickSydney134652
6419May2018Sam Ultra Trail 50 k RaceSam TraishLeura Katoomba134553
6418May2018Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyCanberraCage Fight1LossKOSuper Fight34454
647April2018Billie GordonBillie GordonCanberraCage Fight1LossKOStorm Damage 1134345
647April2018Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyCanberraCage Fight1LossKOStorm Damage 1134246
6424March2018BJJ Class BathurstSelf and Mat SayersBathurstBJJ134137
6413March2018New Mat Canvas for GYMSelfLeura134038
641March2018Sam Traish Kerry Fragar and Dale Rubinskin Spartan Team Chalenge TV ShowSam Kerry DaleQueenslandTV Show33939
6417Feb2018Billie GordonBillie GordonWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage Fight1LossKOUrban Fight Night 14338210
6417Feb2018Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage Fight1LossKOUrban Fight Night 14337211
6425Jan2018Training GB ShellharbourSelfShellharbourBJJ336112
6419Jan2018Training holliday Wayne Cummins & Shay Shay & kids 3 daysSelfMy PlaceCage Fight1335113
6322Dec2017Seminar FGB Caringbah FredCaringbahBJJ13341214
632017ICPGracie BarraBJJ33315
633Dec201715 Year Loyalty Award Gracie BarraMarcelo RezendeBrookvaleBJJ3321216
633Dec2017Seminar Flavio AlmiadaFlavio AlmiadaBrookvaleBJJ13311217
6318Nov2017Mick EvansMick EvansLithgowCage FightWinRear Naked ChokeWestern Region Fight Night 43301118
6318Nov2017Inder SinghInder SinghLithgowCage FightWinKOWestern Region Fight Night 43291119
6318Nov2017Billie GordonBillie GordonLithgowCage FightWinHead & Arm ChokeWestern Region Fight Night 43281120
6318Nov2017Steve PhillipsSteve PhillipsLithgowCage FightLossDoctor StopWestern Region Fight Night 43271121
6318Nov2017Greg NolanGreg NolanLithgowCage FightLossDecisionWestern Region Fight Night 43261122
6318Nov2017Blair RouxelleBlair RouxelleLithgowCage FightLossRear Naked ChokeWestern Region Fight Night 43251123
6322Oct2017ISKA World Championships 7 students 7 world titlesGroupLiverpoolBJJ3241024
634Oct2017Seminar Penrith Stuart Brookshad mini strokeStuart BrookesPenrithMMA3231025
63Sept2017Compete with Jo Thompson Gracie Barra Internal CompJo ThompsonBrookvaleBJJ322926
6312Aug2017Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightWinDecisionUrban Fight Night 12321827
63July2017Vinicios Draculino Magalhaes Seminar Gracie Barra SydneyDraculino MagalhaesBrookvaleBJJ1320728
638July2017Bernado Trekko Seminar LeuraBernado trekkoLeuraBJJ319729
633June2017Billie GordonBillie GordonWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightWinDecisionUrban Fight Night 11318630
6320May2017Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyLithgowCage FightWinTriangleWestern Region Fight Night 2317531
6320May2017Billie GordonBillie GordonLithgowCage FightWinKOWestern Region Fight Night 2316532
6320May2017Mark BanksMark BanksLithgowCage FightLossSubmisionWestern Region Fight Night 2315533
6320May2017Kim NortheyKim NortheyLithgowCage FightLossKOWestern Region Fight Night 2314534
6320May2017Kalvin ZimmerKalvin ZimmerLithgowCage FightLossKOWestern Region Fight Night 2313535
6320May2017Greg NolanGreg NolanLithgowCage FightLossKOWestern Region Fight Night 2312536
634March2017Scott LoweScott LoweWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightwinDecisionUrbin Fight Night 10311337
634March2017Grant Brechney win round 1 Triangle East Coast Champion Grant BrechneyWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightWinKOUrbin Fight Night 10310338
634March2017Billie GordonBillie GordonWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightlossDecisionUrbin Fight Night 10309339
6317Feb2017Seminar Far Guard Gracie Barra ShellharbourGracie Barra ShellharbourShellharbourBJJ1308240
622016ICPGracie BarraBJJ30741
6216Dec2016Seminar Far Guard Gracie Barra CaringbahGracie BarraCaringbahBJJ13061242
623Dec2016Paul Traish win UFN KO throwPaul TraishWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightWinKOUrban Fight Night 93051243
623Dec20163 Day Seminar with Victa Estima at Gracie Barra SydneyVicta EstimaBrookvaleBJJ13041244
6224Nov2016Richard Sargent Seminar LeuraRichard SargentLeuraBJJ3031145
6229Oct2016Mario Sperry SeminarMario SperryPenrithBJJ13021046
6222Oct2016Brad MacdonaldBrad MacdonaldBathurstCage FightWinHead Arm ChokeWestern Region Fight Night 23011047
6222Oct2016Dave StrathernDave StrathernBathurstCage FightLossKOWestern Region Fight Night 23001048
6222Oct2016Brad won Round 2 ChokeBrad McDonaldBathurstMMA2991049
6215Oct2016Compete with Jo for Gracie Barra 30-year celebration TournamentJo ThompsonBrookvaleBJJ2981050
628Oct2016Paul TraishPaul TraishGold CoastCage FightLossRef StoppageBrace 442971051
6218Sept2016Gracie Barra Woolongong Seminar with my Grand Daughter HanahLugatoWoolongongBJJ1296952
623Sept2016Seminar Patrick Macarthy by me and For mePatrick MacarthyBathurstMMA11295953
6230July2016Scott LoweScott LoweLithgowCage FightwinKOWestern Region Fight Night 1294754
6230July2016Sam TraishSam TraishLithgowCage FightWinDecionWestern Region Fight Night 1293755
6230July2016James De CauxJames De CauxLithgowCage FightWinKOWestern Region Fight Night 1292756
6230July2016Mark BanksMark BanksLithgowCage FightLossDecisionWestern Region Fight Night 1291757
6230July2016Jesse SudichJesse SudichLithgowCage FightLossKOWestern Region Fight Night 1290758
6230July2016Jason StuartJason StuartLithgowCage FightLossKOWestern Region Fight Night 1289759
6230July2016Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyLithgowCage FightLossDecionWestern Region Fight Night 1288760
6224June2016Paul TraishPaul TraishPunchbowlCage FightLossGuilotineSuper Fight 3287661
6224June2016Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyPunchbowlCage FightLossKOSuper Fight 3286662
626June2016Seminar Warren Hickey by me MMAWarren HickeyBathurstMMA1285663
627May2016Paul TraishPaul TraishWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightLossKOUrban Fight night 7284564
627May2016Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightLossKOUrban Fight night 7283565
627May2016Paul & Grant fight on UFNGrantLiverpoolMMA282566
6230April2016Seminar Newcastle for my Original BJJ Instructor Steve MeekesNewcastle forNewcastleBJJ1281467
6216April2016Paul TraishPaul TraishCanberra AISCage FightLossArm BarBrace 39280468
6215March2016Marcelo Juliana & Noah Visit LeuraJuliana & Noah VlcMy PlaceBJJ279369
6219Feb2016Paul Traish Paul TraishPunchbowlCage FightLossKOSuperfight MMA 2278270
6219Feb2016Jason StuartJason StuartPunchbowlCage FightLossKOSuperfight MMA 2277271
6219Feb2016Damien DutheilDamien DutheilPunchbowlCage FightlossKOSuperfight MMA 2276272
6213Jan2016Me Seminar at ATT MMA Mitt WorkSuman Ashkan MontakarianBlacktownMMA1275173
6210Jan2016Kit Dale SeminarKit DaleMy PlaceBJJ1274174
6112Dec2015Paul TraishPaul TraishWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightLossKOUrban Fight Night 52731275
6112Dec2015Greg NolanGreg NolanWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightLossStand GuilotineUrban Fight Night 52721276
616Dec2015Graded to 2nd degree black belt after 20 years Training BJJ My first Student Black Belt Mark TromppKayron & Gregor GracieSydneyBJJ2711277
6130Nov2015Seminar with Andre Galvao SydneyAndre GalvaoSydneyBJJ12701178
618Nov2015Grant BrechneyGrant BrechneyWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightWinArmbarUrban Fight Night 42691179
618Nov2015Paul TraishPaul TraishWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightLossVerbal TapUrban Fight Night 42681180
618Nov2015Jason StuartJason StuartWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightLossJudgesUrban Fight Night 42671181
618Nov2015Damien DutheilDamien DutheilWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightLossKOUrban Fight Night 42661182
6125Sept2015Completed ICP 5Gracie BarraMy PlaceBJJ265983
6121Aug2015Paul TraishPaul TraishPunchbowlCage FightWinArmbarSuperfight MMA264884
618Aug2015Paul win by Armbar 70 secondsPaul TraishSt Marys Band ClubCage FightWinKOTUF263885
618Aug2015Kim NortheyKim NortheySt Marys Band ClubCage FightWinTUF262886
618Aug2015Greg NolanGreg NolanSt Marys Band ClubCage FightWinKOTUF261887
618Aug2015Paul Win by KO knee to Head PaulWin by KO knee to HWlCage Fight260888
61June2015Opening Gracie Barra ShellharbourGracie BarraShellharbourBJJ259689
6120June2015Paul TraishPaul TraishCowraCage FightWinSubmissionAdrenlin Rush 5258690
6120June2015Jason StuartJason StuartCowraCage FightLossKOAdrenlin Rush 5257691
6120June2015Damien DutheilDamien DutheilCowraCage FightLossKOAdrenlin Rush 5256692
6115June2015Paul won NSW Title in CageNSWCage Fight255693
6117April2015Seminar with Rodger GracieRodger GracieManlyBJJ1254494
6110March2015Taught Class Gracie Barra HorsbyGracie BarraHornsbyBJJ1253395
6014Dec2014Paul TraishPaul TraishParamattaCage FightLossKOUrban Fight Night 12521296
6014Dec2014Nick InzitariNick InzitariParamattaCage FightLossKOUrban Fight Night 12511297
6014Dec2014Ben JefferyBen JefferyParamattaCage FightLossChokeUrban Fight Night 12501298
6029Nov2014Scott LoweScott LoweBundell QueenslandCage FightlossKOEternal MMA 82491199
6029Nov2014Paul TraishPaul TraishBundell QueenslandCage FightLossArmbarEternal MMA 824811100
6029Nov2014Dearne FulcherDearne FulcherBundell QueenslandCage FightLossChokeEternal MMA 824711101
602Nov2014Mark BanksMark BanksLithgowCage FightWinSubmisionAdrenlin Rush 424611102
601Nov2014Dearne FulcherDearne FulcherLithgowCage FightWinKOAdrenlin Rush 424511103
601Nov2014Blake SheppeardBlake SheppeardLithgowCage FightWinJudgesAdrenlin Rush 424411104
601Nov2014Blake SheppeardBlake SheppeardLithgowCage FightWinJudgesAdrenlin Rush 424311105
601Nov2014Ben PicmanBen PicmanLithgowCage FightlossKOAdrenlin Rush 424211106
6013Sept2014Paul TraishPaul TraishShoalhaven Entertainment Centre - NowraCage FightWinArmbarCage Conquest 42419107
6013Sept2014Mark BanksMark BanksCage FightWinKOCage Conquest 42409108
6023Aug2014Kim NortheyKim NortheyCage FightWin2398109
6023Aug2014Paul TraishPaul TraishSt Marys Band ClubCage FightLossjudgesTUF2388110
608Aug2014Jai XuJai XuNorth SydneyCage FightLossJudgesBrace 282378111
60June2014Seminar with Tusa & Pew PewRoberto Alanacar & Marko JoccoManlyBJJ12366112
6022May2014ICPGracie BarraMy PlaceBJJ2355113
6010May2014Blake SheppeardBlake SheppeardLondonderryCage FightWinKO2345114
6012April2014Blake SheppeardBlake SheppeardCowraCage FightWinKOAdrenlin Rush 32334115
60March2014Wrestled Kit DaleKit DaleSydneyBJJ2323116
6021Feb2014Blake SheppeardBlake SheppeardRichmondCage FightWinKONew Generation Combat Event 82312117
6016Feb2014Gracie Barra Hunter Valley OpeningGene DecrewisHunter ValleyBJJ2302118
592013Seminar Rob Cooley ShellharbourRobert CooleyShellharbourBJJ1229119
592013Seminar Hiroshi HisatakaHiroshi HisatakaMy PlaceKarate228120
59Dec2013Seminar Gracie Barra CaringbahFredCaringbahBJJ122712121
597Dec2013Phil Hinshelwood 60th Birthday Seminar by meGroupKatoombaMMA122612122
59Aug2013Graded 1st Degree Black Belt with Marcelo & Bruno Fernandes present after 18 years trainingMarceloManlyBJJ2258123
59Aug2013Gracie Barra West Ryde Julio Gym OpeningJulio GureeraWest RydeBJJ2248124
59July2013Seminar at Gracie Barra BlacktownChris SalesBlacktownBJJ12237125
59April2013Seminar Fred Gracie Barra CaringbahFredCaringbahBJJ12224126
592March2013Paul TraishPaul TraishEmu PlainsCage FightLossKONew Generation Combat Event 32213127
5916Feb2013Visit by Thelmo Gracie Barra 3 rd. Dan for 2 Days my PlaceThelmo NatijoMy PlaceBJJ12202128
5919Jan2013Bruno Alves Gym OpeningBruno AlvesCrows NestBJJ2191129
582012Peter GallagherPeter GallagherPenrithCage FightWinSubmissionNew Generation Combat Event 1218130
582012Peter GallagherPeter GallagherPenrithCage FightWinSubmissionNew Generation Combat Event 2217131
582012Gracie Barra CompMarceloManlyBJJ216132
58Dec2012Guga Open new GymGuga PintoNewcastleBJJ1121512133
58Nov2012Paul TraishPaul TraishRoxy - ParramattaCage FightLossKORevolution at the Roxy21411134
58Nov2012Seminar & wrested Clark Gracie South Coast Rob Cooley GymClark GracieShellharbourBJJ21311135
58Sept2012Seminar with Eddie Bravo in Liverpool KMA GymEddie BravoLiverpoolBJJ12129136
583Aug2012Aug Seminar My Place with Bruno Alves & Antonio Carlos JnrAntonio Carlos Jnr My PlaceBJJ12118137
58July2012Seminar with Rodrigo Gracie MarceloManlyBJJ12107138
58June2012Competed at NSW Comp with Son Paul & Grandson Caleb3 Generations TraishSydneyBJJ12096139
5825May2012Seminar Roberty Cooley by me MMA BJJRoberty CooleySouth CoastBJJ12085140
5816May2012Seminar Gracie Barra KirraweeFredKirraweeBJJ12075141
5815May2012Seminar for Guga in Newcastle by me MMA ArnisGuga PintoNewcastleBJJ12065142
5810March2012Paul TraishPaul TraishRoxy - ParramattaCage FightLossKORevolution at the Roxy2053143
5824Feb2012Seminar with Royce at Luke Gym in NewcastleRoyce GracieNewcastleBJJ12042144
58Jan2012Bruno Alves visit 2 days my placeBruno AlvesMy PlaceBJJ12031145
5827Jan2012Seminar Southern Fight Gym by me BJJSouthern Fight GaiNowraBJJ12021146
572011Dominic Harison CampbellDominic Harison CampbellJapanCage FightWinKO201147
572011Dominic Harison CampbellDominic Harison CampbellCage FightWin200148
572011Dominic Harison CampbellDominic Harison CampbellCage FightLoss199149
572011Dominic Harison CampbellDominic Harison CampbellCage FightLoss198150
572011Dominic Harison CampbellDominic Harison CampbellCage FightLoss197151
572011Dominic Harison CampbellDominic Harison CampbellPerth NorthbridgeCage FightLossKONight of the Condor196152
57Dec2011Dominic Harison CampbellDominic Harison CampbellCage FightWinKO19512153
57Dec2011Wrestled with Bruno AlvesMarceloManlyBJJ119412154
5728Dec2011Luke Beston & his wife Angela Gracie visit for 3 DaysLuke Beston Angela GracieMy PlaceBJJ Arnis1119312155
5711Dec2011Seminar at Gracie Blacktown Knife & BJJChris SalesBlacktownBJJ119212156
5710Dec2011Chris FlanaganChris FlanaganCabooltureCage FightLossGuilotineMayhem Cage Fighting Series19112157
5710Dec2011Jai XuJai XuCabooltureCage FightDrawDrawMayhem Cage Fighting Series19012158
5727Nov2011Seminar June Lowry by me MMA WeaponsJune Lowry PerthvilleMMA118911159
5712Nov2011Paul TraishPaul TraishRoxy - ParramattaCage FightWinGuilotineRevolution at the Roxy18811160
575Nov2011Jai XuJai XuMelbourneCage FightLossKONigtht of Mayhem 318711161
5716Oct2011The entrance Gracie Barra OpeningDanillo ColtroThe EntranceBJJ18610162
578Oct2011Dominic Harison CampbellDominic Harison CampbellPerth NorthbridgeCage FightWinKONight of the Condor 218510163
5723Sept2011Jai XuJai XuPenrith Leagues ClubCage FightWinGuilotineElite Fight Night 161849164
573Sept2011Paul TraishPaul TraishShoalhaven Entertainment Centre - NowraCage FightLossKOTotal Havoc 41839165
5727Aug2011Chris SmithChris SmithCage FightLossChoke1828166
5715July2011Jai XuJai XuPenrithCage FightWinGuilotineElite Fight Night 151817167
5719April2011Seminar Ryan Henry New Zealand by me BJJRyan HenryDunedenBJJ11804168
5716April2011Seminar New Plymouth New Zealand for Pina SimpsonPina SimpsonNew ZealandBJJ11794169
5721Feb2011Marcelo & Flavio visit my placeFlavio AlmeidaMy PlaceBJJ1782170
5711Feb2011Training camp with Flavio AlmeidaMarceloManlyBJJ11772171
562010Julio tapped me 10 times Ha Ha HaMarceloManlyBJJ176172
562010Aug Grand Opening 90 people TrainedMarceloManlyBJJ175173
5610April2010Chris SmithChris SmithCage FightWinChoke1744174
56March2010smash into Julios CarMarceloManlyBJJ1733175
563Jan2010Visit Hugh CameronHugh CameronMy PlaceBJJ1721176
55Sept2009Seminar with Royler GracieRoyler GracieSydneyBJJ11719177
55Aug2009Marcelo Gym Burnt downMarceloManlyBJJ1708178
5527Feb2009Graded to Black Belt at Training camp in Manly after 14 Years TrainingMarceloManlyBJJ1692179
542008Seminar Kru Toy & Uoddecha Muay Thai for meKru Toy & UoddechaOrangeMuay Thai168180
54Nov2008Joined Gracie Barra AssociationMarceloManlyBJJ116711181
54April2008Training camp manlyMarceloManlyBJJ1664182
532007Seminar with Rigan MachadoRigan MachadoPenrithBJJ1165183
53July2007Guga & Karen VisitGuga & KaranMy PlaceBJJ11647184
5215Dec2006Graded to Brown belt 12 years TrainingMarceloManlyBJJ116312185
5218Aug2006Dale HoganDale HoganSydney Entertainment CentreCage FightLossKOX -Plosion1628186
523March2006Dale HoganDale HoganLogan Diggers Club QueenslandCage FightLossKOXtreme Fighting Championship 101613187
523Feb2006Training Camp ManlyMarceloManlyBJJ11602188
512005Seminar Scott Brown Andrew Melito for me and By MeScott BrownMy PlaceBJJ11159189
517July2005Seminar Michael Darcy by me BJJMichael DarcySydneyBJJ11587190
5127June2005seminar Jeff Traish by me BJJJeff TraishCampbeltownBJJ11576191
517May2005Chris SmithChris SmithCage FightLossKO1565192
512Feb2005Training Camp Manly Seminar by me ArnisMarceloManlyBJJ11552193
50March2004Eye Surgery to replace Lens Must wear Goggle from now onSurgery to replace Lens SydneyOperation1543194
5014March2004Wrestled Royce Gracie at SeminarRoyce GracieSydneyBJJ11533195
5020Feb2004Purple belt 10 years Training , first Training Camp in ManlyMarceloManlyBJJ1522196
492003Sam won his divisionSam TraishSydneyBJJ151197
49Nov2003Competed Pan PacsPan PacsMelbourneBJJ15011198
4914Nov2003First Training With Guga & Marcelo at ManlyGugaManlyBJJ114911199
4918Oct2003Dale HoganDale HoganWhitlam Lesure Centre LiverpoolCage FightLossKOShooto Australia14810200
48Nov2002Competed Pan PacsPan PacsMelbourneBJJ14711201
4830Nov2002Dale HoganDale HoganCage FightLossTriangleSpartan Reality Fight 514611202
48Oct2002seminar with Royce Marcelo wrestle Royce first time we saw 2 Black belt wrestleRoyce GracieSydneyBJJ114510203
48June2002Me and Fabio Glazer first 2 BJJ Referees by NSW FederationFabio GlazerSydneyBJJ11446204
48March2002Me & son Jason Won Gold at first NSW Circuit CompJason TraishSydneyBJJ1433205
472001Seminar & Wrestle with Bruno Fernandes my PlaceBruno FernandesMy PlaceBJJ1142206
472001In NSW 3 Blue Belts Anthony Lange , Chris De Weaver & Larry PapadopoulosDe Weaver & LarryNSWBJJ141207
472001August took Marcelo to his first NRL Game PenrithMarceloPenrithBJJ140208
472001At this stage there 6 Black belts in Australia & I had wrestled 5 of ThemMarceloAustraliaBJJ139209
4720013 black belts in Victoria John Will , Peter De Been & John Donahue De Been & JohnAustraliaBJJ138210
47Nov2001Competed Pan PacsPan PacsMelbourneBJJ13711211
474Nov2001Gordinho Seminar My PlaceRafael Correa ( Gordinho)My PlaceBJJ113611212
473Nov2001Dale HoganDale HoganCage FightLossKOSpartan Reality Fight 213511213
47Sept2001Demo in Parramatta with Marcelo Bruno & PauloMarceloParamattaBJJ1349214
476Aug2001Seminar Zen Do Kia by me BJJZen Do KaiQueenslandBJJ11338215
47July2001Bruno Panno comes to Iska Tourn I introduce Marcelo Paulo & Bruno the start of the NSW FederationMarceloSydneyBJJ1327216
472June2001Graded to Blue Belt after 7 years of BJJ mostly teaching ourselvesMarceloMy PlaceBJJ1316217
4725March2001Trained with Marcelo 1 Hr morning Then with Chris Smith afternoonMarceloMy PlaceBJJ1303218
4719March2001Rang MarceloMarceloDulwichhillBJJ1293219
4717March2001Seminar Ian Pollet by Me BJJIan Pollet by MaiOrangeBJJ11283220
4711March2001Seminar Phil Hinshelwood for Me Tradition Ju JitsuPhil HinshelwoodMy PlaceJu Jitsu11273221
47Feb2001Paulo Guimaraes train 2 day seminar my PlacePaulo GuimaraesMy PlaceBJJ11262222
4719Jan2001From then on Marcelo would come Friday afternoon And leave Sunday Morning for next 2 yearsMarcelo RezendeMy PlaceBJJ1251223
46Jan2000Peter De Been Seminar 4 days my place Peter De BeenMy PlaceBJJ11241224
451999Seminar Fabiano BJJ Black Belt for me at Chris De Weaver GymChris De WeaverNorth SydneyBJJ1123225
45Dec1999Competed Pan Pacs Melbourne With Student Hope Douglas Now Brown Belt with MY BJJHope DouglassMelbourneBJJ12212226
45Dec19993rd place Pan Pacs MastersPan PacsMelbourneBJJ12112227
45Jan1999Seminar John Summerville By me MMAJohn Summerville TareeMMA11201228
45Jan1999Seminar John Butt by me MMAJohn ButtPort StevensMMA11191229
441998Detached retinaSelfMy PlaceOperation118230
441998Competed Pan Pacs Melbourne 1 Child Student won his DivisionSelfMelbourneBJJ117231
441998Chris De Weaver Seminar Purple Belt under Mario SperryChris De WeaverSydneyBJJ116232
446Dec1998Seminar Chris De Weaver for meChris De WeaverSydneyBJJ111512233
4422July1998First BJJ CompMark CareyBowralBJJ1147234
4421March1998Seminar Essi fard by me Arnis BJJEssi FardTasmaniaBJJ11133235
431997Played Golden Oldies AgainGolden OldiesMy PlaceRugby League112236
431997Seminar John Godschalk by meJohn GodschalkSingletownBJJ1111237
431997My Female student tapped out heavy weight champ pull guard cross Gi Choke DemoJeff TraishCampbelltownBJJ110238
431997Joined Peter De Been BJJ ClubPeter De BeenBJJ109239
4319972nd in BJJ Comp Bowral Run by Mark CareyMark careyBowalBJJ108240
4310Aug1997Peter De Been was Brown Belt did Seminar at Bowral with Mark careyPeter De BeenBowalBJJ11078241
421996Training with Luke Beston arnis & BJJLuke BestonMy PlaceBJJ1106242
421996Seminar Jeff Traish for me KarateJeff TraishMy PlaceBJJ1105243
421996Seminar Michael Darcy by me BJJMichael DarcySydneyBJJ1104244
421996Seminar Martial arts Fairmont ResortSelfMy PlaceBJJ1103245
421996Seminar Rayne Hull by meRayne HullMudgeeBJJ1102246
421996Started learning BJJ from Arnis Student Steve Meakes Blue Belt under Anthony LangeSteve MeakesMy PlaceBJJ1101247
4222June1996Seminar with Jean Jacques Machado , Richard Norton & John Will wrestled John WillJean Jacques MachadoRockdaleBJJ11006248
4220June1996Seminar Jeff Traish by me BJJJeff TraishCampbeltownBJJ996249
411995Try out TV show GladiatorsSelfSydneyGladiators198250
411995Played Golden Oldies Rugby Aged 41SelfKatoombaRugby League97251
411995Organised National Arnis Comp Katoomba 150 Competitors from all over Australia including Anthony LangeSelfMy PlaceArnis96252
4118Aug1995Wal Missingham JKD ConceptsWal MissinghamMy PlaceJKD958253
401994Watch Gracie Training TapeSelfMy PlaceBJJ194254
401994Japanese Kendo Team visit & train at gym Sanda CityManyMy PlaceKendo193255
401994Final 8 World Koshiki Fullcontact karate ChampionshipsSelfJapanKarate92256
401994Compete , Lecture & demonstrate at the World Full contact Karate ChampionshipsMasayuki HisatakaJapanMartial Arts91257
4019946th Dan Koshiki KarateMasayuki HisatakaJapanKarate190258
401994Bench Press 270 lbsSelfMy Placeweights89259
401994Australian Lightweight fullcontact stick champion ( WEKAF ) RulesSelfBrisbaneArnis88260
401Nov1994Started Submision WrestlingSelfMy PlaceBJJ8711261
4011Sept1994Seminar Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 9th DanMasayuki HisatakaMy PlaceKarate1869262
391993visit 1 week 3 Swedish GuysLeif & Claes Johansson and Martin KarlssonMy PlaceArnis185263
391993Seminar Hugh Linchgardener by meHugh LinchgardenerMinchinberryKarate Arnis184264
391993Seminar Chi Sirisute Muay Thai Chi SirisuteLithgowMuay Thai183265
391993Wrote book " An overview of Martial Arts " with Leigh Olsson Leigh OlssonMy PlaceMartial Arts82266
385April1992Open Knife Sparring 3rdSelfKatoombaArnis814267
3810jan1992Seminar Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 9th DanMasayuki Kukan HisatakaMy PlaceKarate1801268
371991Australian Anyo 2ndSelfKatoombaArnis79269
371991Australian Single Stick sparing 2ndSelfKatoombaArnis78270
371991Australian Knife sparing 2ndSelfKatoombaArnis77271
371991Australian Single Stick ChampionSelfKatoombaArnis76272
3719913 of my students won world arnis titlesErnesto PresasPhilippinesArnis75273
3719912nd World Arnis in Philippines and was Head RefereeErnesto PresasPhilippinesArnis74274
361990Graded Black Belt in Traditional Ju JitsuErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis73275
361990Seminar Ernesto PresasErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis172276
361990Seminar Remy Presas SydneyRemy PressaSydneyArnis171277
361990Australian Double Stick ChampionSelfSydneyArnis70278
361990Seminar Peter Ricketts by mePeter RickettsCanberraArnis169279
361990Seminar Edwin Lim by meEdwin LimAdelaideArnis168280
361990Seminar Brian Hayes by meBrian HayesNewcastleArnis167281
361990Seminar Perry Gamsby by mePerry GamsbySydneyArnis166282
361990Seminar Rick Jones by MeRick JonesSwanseaArnis165283
361990Seminar John Bond by meJohn BondDubboArnis164284
3625Nov19906th Dan Black Belt ArnisErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis6311285
3625Nov19905th Dan Black Belt ArnisErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis6211286
3625Nov19905th Dan Black Belt Arjuken KarateErnesto PresasMy PlaceKarate6111287
3625Nov19901st Dan Black Belt Ju JitsuErnesto PresasMy PlaceJu Jitsu6011288
361Nov1990aust Arnis Titles 2 Stick Sparing 1stSelfKatoombaArnis5911289
361Oct1990NSW Arnis Titles 2 stick Sparing 3rdSelfKatoombaArnis5810290
3628Sept1990Sid Neal Traditional Ju Jitsu GradingSid NealMy PlaceJu Jitsu579291
3628April1990Open Black belt Koshiki Lightweight 2ndSelfKarate564292
3630March1990Demo Tino Ceberano GymTino ceberanoMelbourneWeapons1553293
3610March1990Open Black belt Koshiki Lightweight 1stSelfKarate543294
3519892 x 2nd place World Arnis Champ in PhilippinesSelfPhilippinesArnis53295
351989Seminar for Richard Marlin Richard MarlinLismoreKarate Arnis152296
3515Dec1989Seminar Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 9th DanMasayuki Kukan HisatakaMy PlaceKarate15112297
355Dec1989Referees Clinic Scott BrownScott BrownCampbelltownKarate15012298
351Dec19893rd Australian Koshiki TitlesSelfBrisbaneKarate4912299
351Oct1989NSW Full Contact Karate ChampionSelfKarate4810300
3524June1989Open Black belt Koshiki Lightweight 1stSelfKarate476301
34Dec1988Open Black belt Aust Koshiki Lightweight 2ndSelfKarate4612302
34Oct1988Open Black belt NSW Koshiki Lightweight 2ndSelfKarate4510303
3412Aug1988Kendo Seminar with Jamie Fenesy , Rex Lawley & Ron BennettRex Lawley Jamie FenecyNewcastleKendo1448304
345July1988Spared Highest Graded Kendo player in the World he presented me with his Shinia - I gave to Andrew MelitoM ItodagawaWilloubyKendo1437305
34March1988Founder of kendo in Australia Ron Bennett & WA Kendo team Stay for 1 weekRon BennettMy PlaceKendo1423306
331987KO d in first Kick Boxing MatchSelfCronullaKick Boxing41307
1986Demo mistake Grand Master cuts chris stomach gets 40 StichsErnesto PresasCampbelltownArnis140308
321986Visit by my Grand Master Arnis & Karate Ernesto PresasErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis139309
321986Competed Australian Kendo ChampionshipsSelfSydneyKendo38310
321986Built My Gym 12 weeks no Break Got DivorcedSelfMy Place37311
321986Seminar for Ron GoninanRon GoninanWellingtonKarate136312
3219861st Kyu KendoRex LawleyMy PlaceKendo35313
3227March19864th Dan Black Belt ArnisErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis343314
3227March19864th Dan Black Belt Arjuken KarateErnesto PresasMy PlaceKarate333315
3227March19862nd Dan Black Belt WeaponsErnesto PresasMy PlaceWeapons323316
3221March19861st Dan Black Belt kendoErnesto PresasMy PlaceKendo313317
311985Japanese Navy Kendo SparringUnkownWiloubyKendo30318
31Dec1985Seminar with Deitor KnutalDeiter KnutalMy PlaceArnis12912319
291983Seminar with Fumio De Mura vitit Leura DojoFumio DemuraMy PlaceKarate128320
2817Oct19823rd Dan Black Belt ArnisErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis2710321
2817Oct19823rd Dan Black Belt Arjuken KarateErnesto PresasMy PlaceKarate2610322
282sept1982Granted Weapons LicencePeter Anderson (Police Commisioner )My PlaceWeapons259323
271981Visit by my Grand Master Arnis & Karate Ernesto PresasErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis124324
271981Ran Fulltime Instructors course for Goshin Ryu KarateRichard BradfordMy PlaceKarate123325
272Oct19812nd Dan Black Belt ArnisErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis2210326
272Oct19812nd Dan Black Belt Arjuken KarateErnesto PresasMy PlaceKarate2110327
261980Trained Tai Chi under Yit Man Qualified as InstructorYit ManLiverpoolTai Chi20328
26Dec1980Moved to Leura Opened Fulltime gymSelfMy Place1912329
251979Demonstrated Karate & Arnis at the Sydney Opera HouseSelf & Jeff TraishSydneyKarate18330
241978Seminar with Vic Charles Convinced me not to do point scoreing KarateVic CharlesCampbelltownKarate117331
231977Started Yoga in CaringbahFredCaringbahYoga16332
221976Started Practicing YogaUnkownMirandaYoga15333
2219Oct1976Black Beltby Albert UrbiztondoAlbert UrbiztondoMortdaleKarate1410334
211975Seminar with Tino ceberano & Frank NovakTino Ceberano & Frank NovakNarabeenKarate113335
211975Started teaching Karate at Cronulla Masonic HallSelfCronullaKarate12336
2114May1975Brown Belt 3 StripesAlbert UrbiztondoMortdaleKarate115337
2014Nov1974Brown Belt 2 StripesAlbert UrbiztondoMortdaleKarate1011338
2028May1974Brown Belt 1 StripeAlbert UrbiztondoMortdaleKarate95339
2012May1974Green belt 2 stripesAlbert UrbiztondoMortdaleKarate85340
206Jan1974Green belt 1 stripeAlbert UrbiztondoMortdaleKarate71341
191973Started Judo for 1 MonthUnkownGymeaJudo6342
19March1973Started Sikaran Karate under Albert UrbiztondoAlbert UrbiztondoMortdaleKarate53343
181972Played Junior Rep Rugby League for Cronulla Sutherland Shaks Presidents Cup SelfSutherland ShireRugby League4344
171971Played Junior Rep Rugby League for Cronulla Sutherland Shaks Jersey FleggSelfSutherland ShireRugby League3345
121966Started Training Serious Weights & Fitness made all my equiptment out of woodSelfGymeaWeights2346
01March1954Born Sutherland ShireMargaret Miller Jack TraishSydney13347