Seminars attended or Given by Chris Traish

DayMonthYearEventNameWhereStyleBy MeAttend1AgeMonth
1975Seminar with Tino ceberano & Frank NovakTino Ceberano & Frank NovakNarabeenKarate1221
1978Seminar with Vic Charles Convinced me not to do point scoreing KarateVic CharlesCampbelltownKarate1324
1981Ran Fulltime Instructors course for Goshin Ryu KarateRichard BradfordMy PlaceKarate1427
1981Visit by my Grand Master Arnis & Karate Ernesto PresasErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis1527
1983Seminar with Fumio De Mura vitit Leura DojoFumio DemuraMy PlaceKarate1629
Dec1985Seminar with Deitor KnutalDeiter KnutalMy PlaceArnis173112
1986Seminar for Ron GoninanRon GoninanWellingtonKarate1832
1986Visit by my Grand Master Arnis & Karate Ernesto PresasErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis1932
1986Demo mistake Grand Master cuts chris stomach gets 40 StichsErnesto PresasCampbelltownArnis110
28-31March1988Founder of kendo in Australia Ron Bennett & WA Kendo team Stay for 1 weekRon BennettMy PlaceKendo111343
5July1988Spared Highest Graded Kendo player in the World he presented me with his Shinia - I gave to Andrew MelitoM ItodagawaWilloubyKendo112347
12Aug1988Kendo Seminar with Jamie Fenesy , Rex Lawley & Ron BennettRex Lawley Jamie FenecyNewcastleKendo113348
5Dec1989Referees Clinic Scott BrownScott BrownCampbelltownKarate1143512
15Dec1989Seminar Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 9th DanMasayuki Kukan HisatakaMy PlaceKarate1153512
1989Seminar for Richard Marlin Richard MarlinLismoreKarate Arnis11635
30March1990Demo Tino Ceberano GymTino ceberanoMelbourneWeapons117363
1990Seminar John Bond by meJohn BondDubboArnis11836
1990Seminar Rick Jones by MeRick JonesSwanseaArnis11936
1990Seminar Perry Gamsby by mePerry GamsbySydneyArnis12036
1990Seminar Brian Hayes by meBrian HayesNewcastleArnis12136
1990Seminar Edwin Lim by meEdwin LimAdelaideArnis12236
1990Seminar Peter Ricketts by mePeter RickettsCanberraArnis12336
1990Seminar Remy Presas SydneyRemy PressaSydneyArnis12436
1990Seminar Ernesto PresasErnesto PresasMy PlaceArnis12536
10jan1992Seminar Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 9th DanMasayuki Kukan HisatakaMy PlaceKarate126381
1993Seminar Chi Sirisute Muay Thai Chi SirisuteLithgowMuay Thai12739
1993Seminar Hugh Linchgardener by meHugh LinchgardenerMinchinberryKarate Arnis12839
1993visit 1 week 3 Swedish GuysLeif & Claes Johansson and Martin KarlssonMy PlaceArnis12939
11Sept1994Seminar Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 9th DanMasayuki HisatakaMy PlaceKarate130409
19946th Dan Koshiki KarateMasayuki HisatakaJapanKarate13140
1994Japanese Kendo Team visit & train at gym Sanda CityManyMy PlaceKendo13240
1994Watch Gracie Training TapeSelfMy PlaceBJJ13340
1995Try out TV show GladiatorsSelfSydneyGladiators13441
22June1996Seminar with Jean Jacques Machado , Richard Norton & John Will wrestled John WillJean Jacques MachadoRockdaleBJJ135426
1996Started learning BJJ from Arnis Student Steve Meakes Blue Belt under Anthony LangSteve MeakesMy PlaceBJJ13642
1996Seminar Rayne Hull by meRayne HullMudgeeBJJ13742
1996Seminar Martial arts Fairmont ResortSelfMy PlaceBJJ13842
1996Seminar Michael Darcy by me BJJMichael DarcySydneyBJJ13942
1996Seminar Jeff Traish for me KarateJeff TraishMy PlaceBJJ14042
1996Training with Luke Beston arnis & BJJLuke BestonMy PlaceBJJ14142
10Aug1997Peter De Been was Brown Belt did Seminar at Bowral with Mark careyPeter De BeenBowalBJJ142438
1997Seminar John Godschalk by meJohn GodschalkSingletownBJJ14343
21March1998Seminar Essi fard by me Arnis BJJEssi FardTasmaniaBJJ144443
6Dec1998Seminar Chris De Weaver for meChris De WeaverSydneyBJJ1454412
16-17Jan1999Seminar John Butt by me MMAJohn ButtPort StevensMMA146451
16-17Jan1999Seminar John Summerville By me MMAJohn Summerville TareeMMA147451
1999Seminar Fabiano BJJ Black Belt for me at Chris De Weaver GymChris De WeaverNorth SydneyBJJ14845
17-20Jan2000Peter De Been Seminar 4 days my place Graded my student Omar to BluePeter De BeenMy PlaceBJJ149461
November 10, 2017Feb2001Paulo Guimaraes train 2 day seminar my PlacePaulo GuimaraesMy PlaceBJJ150472
11March2001Seminar Phil Hinshelwood for Me Tradition Ju JitsuPhil HinshelwoodMy PlaceJu Jitsu151473
17March2001Seminar Ian Pollet by Me BJJIan Pollet by MaiOrangeBJJ152473
6Aug2001Seminar Zen Do Kia by me BJJZen Do KaiQueenslandBJJ153478
4Nov2001Gordinho Seminar My PlaceRafael Correa ( Gordinho)My PlaceBJJ1544711
2001Seminar & Wrestle with Bruno Fernandes my PlaceBruno FernandesMy PlaceBJJ15547
June2002Me and Fabio Glazer first 2 BJJ Referees by NSW FederationFabio GlazerSydneyBJJ156486
June 5, 2017Oct2002seminar with Royce Marcelo wrestle Royce first time we saw 2 Black belt wrestleRoyce GracieSydneyBJJ1574810
14Nov2003First Training With Guga & Marcelo at ManlyGugaManlyBJJ1584911
14March2004Wrestled Royce Gracie at SeminarRoyce GracieSydneyBJJ159503
2Feb2005Training Camp Manly Seminar by me ArnisMarceloManlyBJJ160512
27June2005seminar Jeff Traish by me BJJJeff TraishCampbeltownBJJ161516
7July2005Seminar Michael Darcy by me BJJMichael DarcySydneyBJJ162517
2005Seminar Scott Brown Andrew Melito for me and By MeScott BrownMy PlaceBJJ116351
3Feb2006Training Camp ManlyMarceloManlyBJJ164522
15Dec2006Graded to Brown belt 12 years TrainingMarceloManlyBJJ1655212
July2007Guga & Karen VisitGuga & KaranMy PlaceBJJ166537
2007Seminar with Rigan MachadoRigan MachadoPenrithBJJ16753
Nov2008Joined Gracie Barra AssociationMarceloManlyBJJ1685411
Sept2009Seminar with Royler GracieRoyler GracieSydneyBJJ169559
11Feb2011Training camp with Flavio AlmeidaMarceloManlyBJJ170572
16April2011Seminar New Plymouth New Zealand for Pina SimpsonPina SimpsonNew ZealandBJJ171574
19April2011Seminar Ryan Henry New Zealand by me BJJRyan HenryDunedenBJJ172574
27Nov2011Seminar June Lowry by me MMA WeaponsJune Lowry PerthvilleMMA1735711
11Dec2011Seminar at Gracie Blacktown Knife & BJJChris SalesBlacktownBJJ1745712
28Dec2011Luke Beston & his wife Angela Gracie visit for 3 DaysLuke Beston Angela GracieMy PlaceBJJ Arnis11755712
Dec2011Wrestled with Bruno AlvesMarceloManlyBJJ1765712
27Jan2012Seminar Southern Fight Gym by me BJJSouthern Fight GaiNowraBJJ177581
July 5, 2017Jan2012Bruno Alves visit 2 days my placeBruno AlvesMy PlaceBJJ178581
24Feb2012Seminar with Royce at Luke Gym in NewcastleRoyce GracieNewcastleBJJ179582
15May2012Seminar for Guga in Newcastle by me MMA ArnisGuga PintoNewcastleBJJ180585
16May2012Seminar Gracie Barra KirraweeFredKirraweeBJJ181585
25May2012Seminar Roberty Cooley by me MMA BJJRoberty CooleySouth CoastBJJ182585
June2012Competed at NSW Comp with Son Paul & Grandson Caleb3 Generations TraishSydneyBJJ183586
July2012Seminar with Rodrigo Gracie MarceloManlyBJJ184587
3Aug2012Aug Seminar My Place with Bruno Alves & Antonio Carlos JnrAntonio Carlos Jnr My PlaceBJJ185588
Sept2012Seminar with Eddie Bravo in Liverpool KMA GymEddie BravoLiverpoolBJJ186589
Dec2012Guga Open new GymGuga PintoNewcastleBJJ11875812
16Feb2013Visit by Thelmo Gracie Barra 3 rd. Dan for 2 Days my PlaceThelmo NatijoMy PlaceBJJ188592
April2013Seminar Fred Gracie Barra CaringbahFredCaringbahBJJ189594
July2013Seminar at Gracie Barra BlacktownChris SalesBlacktownBJJ190597
7Dec2013Phil Hinshelwood 60th Birthday Seminar by meGroupKatoombaMMA1915912
Dec2013Seminar Gracie Barra CaringbahFredCaringbahBJJ1925912
2013Seminar Rob Cooley ShellharbourRobert CooleyShellharbourBJJ19359
June2014Seminar with Tusa & Pew PewRoberto Alanacar & Marko JoccoManlyBJJ194606
10March2015Taught Class Gracie Barra HorsbyGracie BarraHornsbyBJJ195613
17April2015Seminar with Rodger GracieRodger GracieManlyBJJ196614
30Nov2015Seminar with Andre Galvao SydneyAndre GalvaoSydneyBJJ1976111
10Jan2016Kit Dale SeminarKit DaleMy PlaceBJJ198621
13Jan2016Me Seminar at ATT MMA Mitt WorkSuman Ashkan MontakarianBlacktownMMA199621
30April2016Seminar Newcastle for my Original BJJ Instructor Steve MeekesNewcastle forNewcastleBJJ1100624
6June2016Seminar Warren Hickey by me MMAWarren HickeyBathurstMMA1101626
3Sept2016Seminar Patrick Macarthy by me and For mePatrick MacarthyBathurstMMA11102629
18Sept2016Gracie Barra Woolongong Seminar with my Grand Daughter HanahLugatoWoolongongBJJ1103629
29Oct2016Mario Sperry SeminarMario SperryPenrithBJJ11046210
24Nov2016Richard Sargent Seminar LeuraRichard SargentLeuraBJJ11046211
3Dec20163 Day Seminar with Victa Estima at Gracie Barra SydneyVicta EstimaBrookvaleBJJ11056212
16Dec2016Seminar Far Guard Gracie Barra CaringbahGracie BarraCaringbahBJJ11066212
17Feb2017Seminar Far Guard Gracie Barra ShellharbourGracie Barra ShellharbourShellharbourBJJ1107632
July2017Vinicios Draculino Magalhaes Seminar Gracie Barra SydneyDraculino MagalhaesBrookvaleBJJ1108637
8July2017Bernado Trekko Seminar LeuraBernado trekkoLeuraBJJ1108637
3Dec2017Seminar Flavio AlmiadaFlavio AlmiadaBrookvaleBJJ11096312