Chris started training in Kendo under Grand Master Ernesto Presas, he then started training at the Willoughby Kendo Dojo in Sydney where he met Ron Bennett & Michael Payne. Michael started a class at Minchinbury where Chris & Steve Yip train each week , Chris then asked Michael to come and teach at his Leura Dojo when he could no longer make the trip Don Miller took over .In 1986 the West Australian Kendo team stayed and trained at our Leura Dojo training under Ron Bennett . Chris fought in the 1986 Australian Kendo Championships . 1994 Esanda City Kendo Club visited our Leura Dojo .1988 Chris attended a Kendo seminar were he got to spar with an 8th Dan Kendo Master he was fantastic .

Chris & Tony Dingemans Training in Newcastle 1988

West Australian Kendo Team Visit 1988

Esanda City Kendo Club Visit

1994 Sanda City Kendo Club 31988 Kendo Seminar Newcastle1988 Kendo West Aust Team


Chris & Leigh practicing Kendo Kata

Chris Practicing Sword kata