Chris began training in Sikaran Karate under Albert Urbiztondo in 1973 he originally was training 4 hours a day 7 days a week and was graded by Albert to Black belt 19/10/1976 . 1974 Competed in his first FAKO Tournament his first match was with Kyokushin Legend Nick Kujik . 1975 Started his first school at Cronulla and represented Albert at FAKO meetings were he met such Martail Artists as Frank Nowak , John Taylor , Peter Wolfe , John Newman , Paul Starling and Richard Bradford . Chris then joined Richard Bradford’s Goshin Ryu Karate where he ran the Goshin Ryu Full time Live in Instructors Course and teaching many of his black belts their Senior Katas. 1981 Opened his full time Blue Mountains Dojo .1981 Demonstrated Karate at the Sydney Opera House . Chris then joined his brother in Promoting Arjuken Karate. 1989 Chris was the NSW Full contact Karate Champion. 1994 He toured Japan where he fought at the World Full Contact Karate Championships finishing in the final 8 and also presented a lecture on Martial Arts to over 100 Black Belts and Karate Masters from all over the World and Masayuki Kukan Hisataka Graded Chris to 6th Dan Black Belt in Koshiki Karate. At one stage Chris & Leigh were practicing 86 Katas from Karate Arnis Kendo Weapons etc .

1974 Chris Brown Belt
1974 Chris Brown Belt
Arjuken Karate Badge Red

Blue Mountains Martial Arts Centre Arjuken Karate MMA Graded students


Chris Traish Black Belt 6th Dan


Leigh Olsson Black Belt 5th Dan


Michael Darcy Black Belt 4th Dan

Kerry Fragar Black Belt 4th Dan

Paul Traish Black Belt 4th Dan
Sam Traish Black Belt 4th Dan

Damiun Hull Black Belt 4th Dan

Shane Cluderay Black Belt 4th Dan


Patrick Dorahy Black Belt 3rd Dan

Bernadette O Bryan Black Belt 3rd Dan

Andrew Tullock Black Belt 3rd Dan

Mark Trompp Black Belt 3rd Dan

Dearne Fulcher Black Belt 3rd Dan

Jodie Davies- Barrett Black Belt 3rd Dan

Esmail Forouzan-Fard Black Belt 3rd Dan
Jeff Allen Black Belt 3rd Dan
Duane Wilson Black Belt 3rd Dan


Bradley McDonald Black Belt 2nd Dan

James De Caux Black Belt 2nd Dan

Grant Brechney Black Belt 2nd Dan

Mark Rivas Black Belt 2nd Dan
Timothy Hobson Black Belt 2nd Dan

Doa Karan Black Belt 2nd Dan
Julian Phillips Black Belt 2nd Dan
Mark Hicks Black Belt 2nd Dan
Ronald Mamo Black Belt 2nd Dan
Graham Mead Black Belt 2nd Dan

Deb Traish Black Belt 2nd Dan

Steve Yip Black Belt 2nd Dan
Kerri Traish Black Belt 2nd Dan
Michael Stone Black Belt 2nd Dan
Anna Kearns Black Belt 2nd Dan
Kevin D’arcy Black Belt 2nd Dan
Sarah Hardwidge Black Belt 2nd Dan
Chris Flanagan Black Belt 2nd Dan
Chris Brechney Black Belt 2nd Dan


Lennon Sargison Black Belt 1st Dan

Ashley Foley Black Belt 1 st Dan

Mathew Churchill Black Belt 1 st Dan

Anna Churchill Black Belt 1 st Dan

Joel Hurdle Black Belt 1 st Dan

Connor Stanners Black Belt 1st Dan
David Robinson Black Belt 1st Dan

Grant Robertson Black Belt 1st Dan
Phillip May Black Belt 1st Dan
Douglas Howe Black Belt 1st Dan
Toby Hitchcock Black Belt 1st Dan
Tony Gaborit Black Belt 1st Dan
Sean Fitzgerald Black Belt 1st Dan
Karen Dowley Black Belt 1st Dan
Billy Campbell Black Belt 1st Dan
Mark Ahern Black Belt 1st Dan
Lynne Tattersall Black Belt 1st Dan
Chris Smith Black Belt 1st Dan
Mathew Mead Black Belt 1st Dan
Jason Traish Black Belt 1st Dan
Simon Berzins Black Belt 1st Dan
Fillipe Georgiou Black Belt 1st Dan
Stacey Taylor Black Belt 1st Dan
Hope Douglass Black Belt 1st Dan
Migel Andres Black Belt 1st Dan

Marley Young Black Belt 1st Dan

JUNIOR BLACK BELTS under 18 years Old

Alex Rivas Junior Black Belt
Emelia De Leon Junior Black Belt
Ignacio De Leon Junior Black belt

Ethan Yiu Junior Black belt

Luke Star Junior Black Belt

Zachary Caracoglia Junior Black Belt

Heath Stanners Junior Black Belt

Ryan Starr Junior Black Belt

Liam Harries Junior Black Belt

Harry Jeffery Junior Black Belt
Gabriel Harman Junior Black Belt
Matyas Szekely Junior Black Belt