Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Chris & Leigh started BJJ in 1994 after watching Royce Gracie in the UFC they originally learnt from Videos. Until 1995 one of Chris’s Arnis students Steve Meakes who was training with Anthony Lange started teaching them on weekends. Chris then attended a Seminar by Jean Jacques Machado, John Wills & Richard Norton in June 1996. Chris then attended a Seminar by Peter De Been in August 1997 at Bowral organized by Mark Carey. Chris then affiliated with Peter De Been and brought Peter to Leura in January 2000 for a 4 day seminar. Chris & his students competed at the Pan Pacific Championships from 1998 onwards. Then in February 2001 Paulo Guimaraes came to Leura for a 2 day seminar organized by Chris De Weaver. Then on 25th March 2001 Marcelo Rezende a Carlos Gracie Jnr Black Belt came to our Leura Dojo and we finally had a full time teacher on that first afternoon Chris wrestled with Marcelo for over an hour and then asked him if he could come every week and thankfully he agreed the rest is history. 2001 World Champion Rafael Correa ( Gordinho ) ran a Seminar at our Leura Dojo .2002 World Champion Bruno Fernandes ran a seminar at our Leura Dojo. 2002 Chris attended the Royce Gracie Seminar in Sydney . 2004 Chris attended the Royler Gracie in Sydney. Chris & Leigh attended the Royce Gracie Seminer in Sydney 2009.Chris Has Trained with Jean Jacques Machado , Rigan Machado , Rodger Gracie , Rodrigo Gracie , Clark Gracie , Mario Sperry , Royce Gracie ,Gregor Gracie , Kayron Gracie , Royler Gracie , Bruno Fernandes , Eddie Bravo , Bruno Alves , Flavio Almeida , Roberto Tussa Alencar , John Will , Richard Norton , Peter De Been , Anthony Lang , Elvis Sinosic , Anthony Perosh , Rafael Correa ( Gordinho )

Chris received his black belt from Marcelo. 2011 Flavio Almeida visits Gracie Barra Blue Mountains. Bruno Alves visits Blue Mountains for 3 Days Jan 2012.

Chris Received his 1st degree from Marcelo & Bruno Fernandes in 2013.

2015 Chris received his 2nd Degree Black Belt from Marcelo Rezende, Gregor Gracie and Kayron Gracie.

2017 Chris received a loyalty award to Gracie Barra from Marcelo Photo below

2018 Chris Received his 3rd Degree Black Belt from Marcelo Rezende Photo below

Chris Traish , Mark Trompp , Sam Traish and Patrick Dorahy

Gracie Barra Blue Mountains Graded Students as at 16th March 2020



Chris Traish Black Belt 3rd Degree

Mark Trompp Black Belt 1st Degree

Sam Traish Brown Black Belt

Patrick Dorahy Black Belt


James De Caux Brown Belt


Kerry Fragar Purple Belt 4 Stripes

Dale Rubinskin Purple Belt 4 Stripes

Paul Traish Purple Belt 3 Stripes

Bradley McDonald Purple Belt 3 Stripes

Grant Brechney Purple Belt 2 Stripes

Andrew Tullock Purple Belt 2 Stripes

Simon Atkins Purple Belt 2 Stripes

Timothy Hobson Purple Belt 2 Stripes

Peter Gallagher Purple Belt 1 Stripe

Mikayla Weston Purple Belt


David Brailey Blue Belt 4 Stripes

Mathew Sayers Blue Belt 4 Stripes

Jett Cairns Blue Belt 4 Stripes

Jeramy Jones Blue Belt 4 Stripes

Lisa Altavilla Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Bernadette O Bryan Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Matthew Clarke Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Trent Head Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Lenon Sargison Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Julian Saunders Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Julian Phillips Blue Belt 2 Stripes

Mathew Churchill Blue Belt 2 Stripes

Mark Rivas Blue Belt 2 Stripes

Michael Darcy Blue Belt 2 Stripes

Christoph Gill Blue Belt 2 Stripes

Brendan Sayers Blue Belt 1 Stripe

Ashley Foley Blue Belt 1 Stripe

Anna Churchill Blue Belt 1 Stripe

Jodie Davies Blue Belt 1 Stripe

Rance Rossetto Blue Belt 1 Stripe

Maddy Barrett Blue Belt

Alexander Rivas Blue Belt

Mackenzie Thompson Blue Belt

Brendan McMurray Blue Belt

Jason Gay Blue Belt

Keith Gordon Blue Belt

Graham Mead Blue Belt

Jocasta Milligan Blue Belt

Monika De Caux Blue Belt

Michael Snowden Blue Belt


Black Belts

Hope Douglass Black Belt ( Trained with BMMAC as a child )

Brown Belts

Leigh Olsson Brown Belt 4 Stripes

Daniel Brebrich Brown Belt

Doa Karan Brown Belt 1 Stripe

Purple Belts

Chris Flanagan Purple Belt 1 Stripe

Ronald Mamo Purple Belt 1 Stripe

Dearne Fulcher Purple Belt 1 Stripe

Blue Belts

Mark Hicks Blue Belt 4 Stripes

Damien Hull Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Billy Gordon Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Connor Stanners Blue Belt 2 Stripes

Derek Lam Blue Belt 1 Stripe

Joel Hurdle Blue Belt

Maddie Fulcher Blue Belt

Brendan Kearns Blue Belt

Shane Cluderay Blue Belt

Michael Vandenhoek Blue Belt

Anton Jarjoura Blue Belt 1 Stripe

Jason Traish Blue Belt

Chris Smith Blue Belt

Mathew Mead Blue Belt

Sarah Hardwidge Blue Belt

Simon Berzins Blue BeltScott Reid Blue Belt

Nathan Everson Blue Belt

Daniel Reid – Hamwood Blue Belt

Chris Cummings Blue Belt

Leslie Mcintosh James Blue Belt

Ben Hudson Blue Belt

Abbey Robinson Blue Belt

Zac Cairns Blue Belt

Patrick Wrobel Blue Belt

chris patch

The Table below is a Diary of Professor Chris Traish BJJ History

401Nov1994Started Submision WrestlingSelfMy Place8611
401994Watch Gracie Training TapeSelfMy Place93
4220June1996Seminar Jeff Traish by me BJJJeff TraishCampbeltown986
4222June1996Seminar with Jean Jacques Machado , Richard Norton & John Will wrestled John WillJean Jacques MachadoRockdale996
421996Started learning BJJ from Arnis Student Steve Meakes Blue Belt under Anthony LangeSteve MeakesMy Place100
421996Seminar Rayne Hull by meRayne HullMudgee101
421996Seminar Martial arts Fairmont ResortSelfMy Place102
421996Seminar Michael Darcy by me BJJMichael DarcySydney103
421996Seminar Jeff Traish for me KarateJeff TraishMy Place104
421996Training with Luke Beston arnis & BJJLuke BestonMy Place105
4310Aug1997Peter De Been was Brown Belt did Seminar at Bowral with Mark careyPeter De BeenBowal1068
4319972nd in BJJ Comp Bowral Run by Mark CareyMark careyBowal107
431997Joined Peter De Been BJJ ClubPeter De Been108
431997My Female student tapped out heavy weight champ pull guard cross Gi Choke DemoJeff TraishCampbelltown109
431997Seminar John Godschalk by meJohn GodschalkSingletown110
4421March1998Seminar Essi Fard by me Arnis BJJEssi FardTasmania1123
4422July1998First BJJ CompMark CareyBowral1137
446Dec1998Seminar Chris De Weaver for meChris De WeaverSydney11412
441998Chris De Weaver Seminar Purple Belt under Mario SperryChris De WeaverSydney115
441998Competed Pan Pacs Melbourne 1 Child Student won his DivisionSelfMelbourne116
45Dec19993rd place Pan Pacs MastersPan PacsMelbourne12012
45Dec1999Competed Pan Pacs Melbourne With Student Hope Douglas Now Brown Belt with MY BJJHope DouglassMelbourne12112
451999Seminar Fabiano BJJ Black Belt for me at Chris De Weaver GymChris De WeaverNorth Sydney122
4617Jan2000Peter De Been Seminar 4 days my placePeter De BeenMy Place1231
4719Jan2001From then on Marcelo would come Friday afternoon And leave Sunday Morning for next 2 yearsMarcelo RezendeMy Place1241
47Feb2001Paulo Guimaraes train 2 day seminar my PlacePaulo GuimaraesMy Place1252
4717March2001Seminar Ian Pollet by Me BJJIan Pollet by MaiOrange1273
4719March2001Rang MarceloMarceloDulwichhill1283
4725March2001Trained with Marcelo 1 Hr morning Then with Chris Smith afternoonMarceloMy Place1293
472June2001Graded to Blue Belt after 7 years of BJJ mostly teaching ourselvesMarceloMy Place1306
47July2001Bruno Panno comes to Iska Tourn I introduce Marcelo Paulo & Bruno the start of the NSW FederationMarceloSydney1317
476Aug2001Seminar Zen Do Kia by me BJJZen Do KaiQueensland1328
47Sept2001Demo in Parramatta with Marcelo Bruno & PauloMarceloParamatta1339
474Nov2001Gordinho Seminar My PlaceRafael Correa ( Gordinho)My Place13511
47Nov2001Competed Pan PacsPan PacsMelbourne13611
4720013 black belts in Victoria John Will , Peter De Been & John Donahue De Been & JohnAustralia137
472001At this stage there 6 Black belts in Australia & I had wrestled 5 of ThemMarceloAustralia138
472001August took Marcelo to his first NRL Game PenrithMarceloPenrith139
472001In NSW 3 Blue Belts Anthony Lange , Chris De Weaver & Larry PapadopoulosDe Weaver & LarryNSW140
472001Seminar & Wrestle with Bruno Fernandes my PlaceBruno FernandesMy Place141
48March2002Me & son Jason Won Gold at first NSW Circuit CompJason TraishSydney1423
48June2002Me and Fabio Glazer first 2 BJJ Referees by NSW FederationFabio GlazerSydney1436
48Oct2002seminar with Royce Marcelo wrestle Royce first time we saw 2 Black belt wrestleRoyce GracieSydney14410
48Nov2002Competed Pan PacsPan PacsMelbourne14711
4914Nov2003First Training With Guga & Marcelo at ManlyGugaManly15011
49Nov2003Competed Pan PacsPan PacsMelbourne15111
492003Sam won his divisionSam TraishSydney152
5020Feb2004Purple belt 10 years Training at first Training Camp in ManlyMarceloManly1532
5014March2004Wrestled Royce Gracie at SeminarRoyce GracieSydney1543
512Feb2005Training Camp Manly Seminar by me ArnisMarceloManly1562
5127June2005seminar Jeff Traish by me BJJJeff TraishCampbeltown1596
517July2005Seminar Michael Darcy by me BJJMichael DarcySydney1607
512005Seminar Scott Brown Andrew Melito for me and By MeScott BrownMy Place161
523Feb2006Training Camp ManlyMarceloManly1622
5215Dec2006Graded to Brown belt 12 years TrainingMarceloManly16712
53July2007Guga & Karen VisitGuga & KaranMy Place1687
532007Seminar with Rigan MachadoRigan MachadoPenrith169
54April2008Training camp manlyMarceloManly1704
54Nov2008Joined Gracie Barra AssociationMarceloManly17111
5527Feb2009Graded to Black Belt at Training camp in Manly after 14 Years TrainingMarceloManly1732
55Aug2009Marcelo Gym Burnt downMarceloManly1748
55Sept2009Seminar with Royler GracieRoyler GracieSydney1759
563Jan2010Visit Hugh CameronHugh CameronMy Place1761
56March2010smash into Julios CarMarceloManly1773
562010Aug Grand Opening 90 people TrainedMarceloManly180
562010Julio tapped me 10 times Ha Ha HaMarceloManly181
5711Feb2011Training camp with Flavio AlmeidaMarceloManly1822
5721Feb2011Marcelo & Flavio visit my placeFlavio AlmeidaMy Place1832
5716April2011Seminar New Plymouth New Zealand for Pina SimpsonPina SimpsonNew Zealand1844
5719April2011Seminar Ryan Henry New Zealand by me BJJRyan HenryDuneden1854
5716Oct2011The entrance Gracie Barra OpeningDanillo ColtroThe Entrance19610
5711Dec2011Seminar at Gracie Blacktown Knife & BJJChris SalesBlacktown20612
5728Dec2011Luke Beston & his wife Angela Gracie visit for 3 DaysLuke Beston Angela GracieMy Place20712
57Dec2011Wrestled with Bruno AlvesMarceloManly20812
5827Jan2012Seminar Southern Fight Gym by me BJJSouthern Fight GaiNowra2231
58Jan2012Bruno Alves visit 2 days my placeBruno AlvesMy Place2241
5824Feb2012Seminar with Royce at Luke Gym in NewcastleRoyce GracieNewcastle2252
5815May2012Seminar for Guga in Newcastle by me MMA ArnisGuga PintoNewcastle2285
5816May2012Seminar Gracie Barra KirraweeFredKirrawee2295
5825May2012Seminar Roberty Cooley by me MMA BJJRoberty CooleySouth Coast2305
58June2012Competed at NSW Comp with Son Paul & Grandson Caleb3 Generations TraishSydney2316
58July2012Seminar with Rodrigo Gracie MarceloManly2327
583Aug2012Aug Seminar My Place with Bruno Alves & Antonio Carlos JnrAntonio Carlos Jnr My Place2338
58Sept2012Seminar with Eddie Bravo in Liverpool KMA GymEddie BravoLiverpool2349
58Nov2012Seminar & wrested Clark Gracie South Coast Rob Cooley GymClark GracieShellharbour23511
58Dec2012Guga Open new GymGuga PintoNewcastle23812
582012Gracie Barra CompMarceloManly239
5919Jan2013Bruno Alves Gym OpeningBruno AlvesCrows Nest2441
5916Feb2013Visit by Thelmo Gracie Barra 3 rd. Dan for 2 Days my PlaceThelmo NatijoMy Place2452
59April2013Seminar Fred Gracie Barra CaringbahFredCaringbah2484
59July2013Seminar at Gracie Barra BlacktownChris SalesBlacktown2497
59Aug2013Gracie Barra West Ryde Julio Gym OpeningJulio GureeraWest Ryde2508
59Aug2013Graded 1st Degree Black Belt with Marcelo & Bruno Fernandes present after 18 years trainingMarceloManly2518
59Dec2013Seminar Gracie Barra CaringbahFredCaringbah25312
592013Seminar Rob Cooley ShellharbourRobert CooleyShellharbour255
6016Feb2014Gracie Barra Hunter Valley OpeningGene DecrewisHunter Valley2562
60March2014Wrestled Kit DaleKit DaleSydney2593
6022May2014ICPGracie BarraMy Place2645
60June2014Seminar with Tusa & Pew PewRoberto Alanacar & Marko JoccoManly2656
6110March2015Taught Class Gracie Barra HorsbyGracie BarraHornsby2983
6117April2015Seminar with Rodger GracieRodger GracieManly2994
61June2015Opening Gracie Barra ShellharbourGracie BarraShellharbour3076
6125Sept2015Completed ICP 5Gracie BarraMy Place3179
6130Nov2015Seminar with Andre Galvao SydneyAndre GalvaoSydney32611
616Dec2015Graded to 2nd degree black belt after 20 years Training BJJ My first Student Black Belt Mark TromppKayron & Gregor GracieSydney32712
6210Jan2016Kit Dale SeminarKit DaleMy Place3321
6215March2016Marcelo Juliana & Noah Visit LeuraJuliana & Noah VlcMy Place3403
6230April2016Seminar Newcastle for my Original BJJ Instructor Steve MeekesNewcastle forNewcastle3434
6218Sept2016Gracie Barra Woolongong Seminar with my Grand Daughter HanahLugatoWoolongong3699
6215Oct2016Compete with Jo for Gracie Barra 30-year celebration TournamentJo ThompsonBrookvale37210
6229Oct2016Mario Sperry SeminarMario SperryPenrith37810
6224Nov2016Richard Sargent Seminar LeuraRichard SargentLeura37911
623Dec20163 Day Seminar with Victa Estima at Gracie Barra SydneyVicta EstimaBrookvale38012
6216Dec2016Seminar Far Guard Gracie Barra CaringbahGracie BarraCaringbah38312
622016ICPGracie Barra384
6317Feb2017Seminar Far Guard Gracie Barra ShellharbourGracie Barra ShellharbourShellharbour3852
638July2017Bernado Trekko Seminar LeuraBernado trekkoLeura4067
63July2017Vinicios Draculino Magalhaes Seminar Gracie Barra SydneyDraculino MagalhaesBrookvale4077
63Sept2017Compete with Jo Thompson Gracie Barra Internal CompJo ThompsonBrookvale4109
6322Oct2017ISKA World Championships 7 students 7 world titlesGroupLiverpool41210
633Dec2017Seminar Flavio AlmiadaFlavio AlmiadaBrookvale42512
633Dec201715 Year Loyalty Award Gracie BarraMarcelo RezendeBrookvale42612
632017ICPGracie Barra427
63Dec2017Seminar Side control GB CaringbahGracie BarraCaringbah42812
641Dec2018Chris 3rd Degree Mark Trommp 1 st Degree Sam Traish and Patrick Dorahy Black BeltGracie BarraBrookvale42912
6416Sept2018Competed Gracie Barra Compnet with Jo ThompsonGracie BarraBrookvale9