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2020 March 23 rd – Sorry we are closed till the Government allows us to Reopen If you are paid in advance we will credit to you when we return good luck to everyone

The Blue Mountains Martial Arts Centre is now an Official Provider for NSW Active Kids Vouchers you can now pay your fees with these $100 vouchers

We are moving our Warrimoo Class to Springwood Boys & Girls Club
Tony Dingemans
RIP Big Tony
2019 Sept 21 Sam wins match at Subversion

2019 Monika wins Grappling Industries

2019 Dec 2 to 4 Visit from the USA Bill Hotter BJJ Black belt

2018 December Chris 3rd Degree , Mark 1 st Degree , Sam and Pat Black Belt

2018 Gracie Barra Black Belt Promotions

2018 Annual Match with Professor Jo


 It is with GREAT SADNESS to hear the Passing of one of our loved and highly respected Senior students / Instructor Dearne Fulcher. Dearne died tragically on Thursday night when a large tree fell on the vehicle her and son Dylan where travelling in. Dylan is now in a serious condition in Westmead. Dearne was an inspiration to all of us at the Blue Mountains Martial Arts Centre. Dearne was a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Arjuken Karate, MMA and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Dearnes prior training before joining our dojo included a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and multiple National Championships. Dearne fought in the cage twice in 2014 aged 45 for 1 win 1 loss. Dearne was so inspirational with 35 years of experience in Martial Arts started from scratch with us. Starting her new journey in MMA as a white belt never asking for any special treatment. She was the toughest most courageous person I have had the privilege to train with .An example of the incredible Dearne spirit was the night of one her fights  receiving a punishing spinning kick to the face resulting in 9 facial fractures BUT  then she turns  up the next day to compete again – nothing was to stand in her way to accomplish her goal. Dearne took my youngest son Sam under her wing and helped him develop guide him in areas of her own personal knowledge as a Martial Artist, fitness fanatic and a kind human being. Our families became good friends with all her kids training with us. Maddy, Dylan, Tristan and Ella they were her whole life. I have never seen a mother so dedicated and devoted to all of them nothing was too hard. Dearne and my wife Debbie being animal lovers often had long talks about their animals and her early childhood days growing up on a farm and always sharing and experiencing new ideas. Dearne became our good friend as well as belly felt laughs and so many great adventurous stories, we told each other. Dearne was loving, kind, giving, tough, modest, intelligent and funny. She was also a Paramedic for 25 years and won a bravery award in 2002. Dearne competed in marathons, delivered pamphlets, worked in a wood supply business with fellow instructor Brad McDonald. Fellow Instructor Bernie O’Bryan’s was her partner for many years.

Dearne You will be sorely missed

 Traish Family & The Blue Mountains Martial Arts Centre– RIP

From Maddy Fulcher  –  Such beautiful words for such a wonderful person. I’d love to get our martial arts family together for a night of wrestling in celebration of Mum. Mum loved and respected you so much. She absolutely loved training at the dojo, it was definitley her happy/peaceful place. I hope you’re doing okay, give everyone around you a big hug for me x

Dearne RIP click on photo for full story
2018 March New Mats
BMMAC Team Spartan Race team watch Chanel 7 Sunday 7 pm
2018 March 1st It is sad to announce the passing of Mark Ahern student of 31 years World Arnis Champion and good friend
2018 Feb 17 Grant v Junior Mo Win by Descision
2018 Feb 17 Bill v Adam Assuncao loss TKO 2nd Round
2018 Feb 10 Lisa , Keitah & Maddy attending Girls training at GB Sydney
2018 Feb 4 th Sub only Comp

Sam Traish 2 x 3rd place Grant Brechney 1 x 2nd Place 1 x 3rd  Place Mathew Sayers 2 x 2nd Place

2018 Thrive MMA Lithgow First Class back
2018 Jan 24 GB Shellharbour
2018 Jan 19 to 21 Training Camp holliday with Wayne Cummins & Shay Shay & Kids
2017 Dec Chris wins Gracie Barra Loyalty A